Kodi's Bag/Accessory Staples. S/S 2007

  1. i'm have dramatically cut down my bag collection from virtually one for every day of the month to just a few i couldn't live without. so here it is! my absolute everyday favs.


  2. Love your LV tote bag. Great collection!! Thanks for sharing!!
  3. Very nice!
  4. Beautiful collection!
  5. Very nice collection!
  6. Beautiful collection! I love your Prada.
  7. nice collection - i love the prada tote!
  8. Lovely!!!
  9. love your perfo
  10. Very Nice!
  11. Great looking collection! I'm envious of your Tanger. :drool:
  12. I love the tanger too lol :smile:
  13. Nice! Thanks for sharing!!
  14. Thanks for the pics! Nice collection!
  15. Love the Tanger and perfo cles!