Koba Paige weight

  1. OK...I have a beautiful khaki Paige on hold at Bloomies. Now I'm worried that it may be too heavy. I'm used to a more medium sizeed bag. Guess I'll be better able to assess this when I get it home and put my stuff in it and compare to my other bags. Do you ladies who have a Paige normally carry a large bag? Is weight an issue with you? Thank you.
  2. sd, I do not own a Paige but did try one on at Saks, even putting my stuff inside and walking around.

    While I love how the bag looks it was too big for me and abit too heavy, although I do not carry alot of stuff. The tiny baby sister of Paige, Jessie, was enough of a bag for me.

    I suggest trying your things in the bag, carry it around in the house with you and decide if you wish to keep it.

    You will know the right answer soon enough.
  3. I saw this bag recently and when I picked it up, it was very heavy...would be a bit worried about the weight of it once you've got it packed, but it was beautiful to look at and so structured, you wouldn't have to pack it, to keep the shape, so if you don't carry a lot, you should be ok:smile: I'm actually still thinking about this bag...