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  1. Ciao bags lovers!

    I have a question for all bags experts out there;

    Any info on KOAN bags would be greatly appreciated!

  2. Please help me here.... I'm always looking for bags that are great quality & price but basically unknown in the US. Join me in the search for the original bags of the world!!!
  3. I've been offered a bag that goes by the brand KOAN, nothing else, no tags at all (they were ripped) I tried online but still nothing. You guys are so savvy I thought you could help me... I want to know if the price is right. I don' have a pic, but the leather resembles the one in the Mulberry Roxanne (not as thick though), it is lined in soft cotton fabric, has sturdy metal zippers all over the place it almost looks like a bikers jacket that morphed into a purse. I'd say this is truly a motorcycle bag!
    Thanks for the input!;)
  4. wish I could help but I know nothing. If you like, the bag and the price works for you buy it.sometimes all you can really know about a bag is whether you like it or not.
  5. Thanks for the advise you are absolutely right!