koala wallets...


easily amused
Mar 11, 2006
so on my little LV excursion yesterday i fell in love with the multi color koala wallet. wallet was 50 dollars more than i paid for the bag i'm going to carry it in! :smile: that doesn't suprise me, because i'd seen it on elux...but i am suprised i like it this much. was not impressed by the elux picture, but now that i've held it and played with it in person, i cannot stop thinking about it. :smile: but i'm worried about white multicolor showing wear, esp. since it's in a wallet and will get beat up all the time in my bag.

how do you all feel about your white multicolour pieces? durable? i haven't been impressed with the design of LV wallets...i'm kind of peeved that i found one i do like because i don't want to spend that much! :smile:
I was also surprised by how much I like the Koala MC in person. I have just bought the Perfo Compact Zippe in Fuschia which I adore, but for a little more, I could get the Koala MC. The white as an everyday piece bothers me. I had a Versace white leather wallet that aged horribly and I am about to throw it out. I am not sure how MC will age, will it turn yellow over time?How awful is that! Have you considered the Koala in Damier, love the red interior.
I'm not too impressed with mine, personally. The paint has started to flake off. This might be because it's been under a lot of wear (it's a cles), as lots of girls don't seem to have any problem with MC.