Koala wallet

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  1. Anyone has used koala wallet and is it a good buy?

  2. I'm sure our resident Koala fanatic (Blackbutterfly !) will be around soon, but it's a pretty practical wallet, more credit card slots than the french purse plus it's got a photo pocket.
  3. I have the white MC Koala and I absolutely adore it. It's very functional and pretty and I especially appreciate the back zipper coin pocket as well as the soft and pretty natural cowhide on the inside.

    my baby:


  4. Every time I see your pictures, I just want to run out and buy myself one !! :love:
  5. Heh, it helps to have a kickass digital camera, probably. :smile:

    It's my only brand-new LV purchase and I have no regrets. And I am very happy that I got a Multicolore small accessory rather than a MC bag.
  6. ^^^How do you like the bucket?
  7. Ayla's crazy!! :biggrin:

    Yes, I'm a fanatic...I can't help myself!! :lol:

    Damier Koala = :love:

    The Koala wallet is absolutely practical...The Koala with its 9 credit card slots, change pouch, AND an ID window...*sigh* I'm desperate for this wallet. :blink: Which is why I PERSONALLY convinced Jane to get her mc Koala (lol, j/k) and anyone who else is thinking about a Koala, should DEFINITELY get it!!
  8. Irene, I love my bucket, it was my first LV purchase. It's almost 10 years old (I only got it a couple months ago) but as you know they hold up extremely well and it's still a great bag. Just the right size and wears comfortably too.

    Blackbutterfly I want to see your Koala the minute you get it home! Do you have an estimate as to when you can get it?
  9. LMAO as soon as I get my tax return!!! TiVo and Koala and I'll be one happy girl!!
  10. ^^^ It is a great wallet, I love it in the MC too
  11. Hi, jane and blackbutterfly.. or anyone who has the koala wallet, would you post a pict of how large the coin pocket is when open/unzipped (how far it stretches). Is it difficult to get coins out?
  12. The coin pocket goes across the whole backside of the wallet. It's fairly easy for me to get coins out, esp now that the leather is breaking in a bit more. I also have small fingers! And I don't store too many coins in there at once, I try to spend them when I can.

    To reiterate: I loooove this wallet. And it stayed the same price after the hike on Wednesday.
  13. I just bought a black MC Koala, and I LOVE IT!!!! :smile: :smile: :smile:
  14. :love: I love the white MC koala :love:
  15. I think I have just been persuaded to get a Koala too.. :love: