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  1. I don't frequent this subforum much and I really shouldn't either.. too much temptation here, lol! Anyway, I'm thinking of getting a Koala wallet and I'm not sure which. It's between the Black MC or the Epi ones. Does the Epi Koala wallet only come in black, red and blue?

    Those of you who have this wallet, could u pls post pics or links to your pics? And help me choose!:graucho: Thanks!!!:flowers:
  2. i've got the red epi koala! :smile: it's great, i love it to death!!! sorry i haven't got pics at the mo, will see what i can do! and yes, it comes in black, red and blue :yes:
  3. [​IMG]


    It's a functional, beautiful wallet and is very comfortable to hold and carry. I love the MC because you get the vachetta leather and the pretty gold hardware.
  4. i like the red epi!
  5. Ooh thanks guys! Jane, you have such a beauty there! If I'm a more careful person, the white MC would def be a consideration too! Alas.. I'm a serial dirtyfier (new word, lol).

    Isadora and midnight, red is my favourite colour and I'm leaning toward the red Epi at this stage:amuse: . Isadora, I would love to see your pics. Please, pretty please?:heart:

    Everyone else, please feel free to chime in as to which you prefer, including mono, damier, etc. I'm open to all opinions! And pics will be great too, if you have any.

    Those who have this wallet, are there any drawbacks? Anything you don't like/ would like changed, about it? What's the pushlock like? Any problems at all with it being hard to budge or too slack and pops open by itself, etc?
  6. Those who have this wallet, are there any drawbacks? Anything you don't like/ would like changed, about it? What's the pushlock like? Any problems at all with it being hard to budge or too slack and pops open by itself, etc?

    Absolutely none. I know I sound like a broken record here, but it is perfect. :smile: :smile: :smile:

    I actually told my husband last weekend how I will NEVER buy another wallet, and of course he just laughed at me. So now I have to stick to that promise!

    (One loophole may be if I buy ANOTHER Koala, in Damier! heheh.)
  7. 0o0o0o0o the white MC one 0o0o0o0o0o oh dear!!! 0o0o0o0o so pretty and dreamy... but i do like RED EPI!!! hehehe!
  8. Lol! Thanks Isadora! Good to know the Koala wallet is one fantastic little wallet! Love your loophole!:graucho: But I think you DH knows you well enuf to know what you really meant was "I will NEVER buy another wallet... for the moment/ until I change my mind/ see something else yummy..":lol:
  9. how does one post pics? can anyone advice?

    RED is my absolutely fav col as well!!! :love: if u love the koala wallet, i think you'll be absolutely in love with the red epi one! :yes:

    i'm not sure if u keep a separate coin pouch - but the coin compartment at the back of the koala is not meant for keeping a huge amount of coins cos it will bulge. other than that, i think it's PERFECT!

    there are 9 card slots, an id photo compartment and a huge bills compartment. i had initial reservations tt it would be really thick, but so far it's great!!
  10. I don't have this wallet, but I did look at it in mono...it is such a cute wallet! I love it in MC!
  11. Jane: Does the vachetta leather require loads of high maintenance?!?!? Cuz I'm also thinking of getting it but the nakedness of the leather freaks me out a lil ...lol
  12. No it doesn't. Since it is not as exposed to light or air when it is closed up and inside my bag, I have not noticed any significant color change. You just have to be careful I guess, but my wallet still looks great after 4+ months.

    The only thing I guess is the inside of the coin pocket MIGHT get a little dirty since money is so inherently dirty, but it's the inside of the pocket. You can't see it. And this happens to all coin pockets.
  13. Thanks for the info! I prefer to keep my coins in the same wallet. Already have too much crap in my bag, if I add a pouch specifically for coins, I'd never end up using them, lol! Hate digging for around when I have to pay for stuff. Do you ever feel that? Like when you're in line at the supermarket and there's a few ppl behind u. I feel like I gotta get my money out PRONTO! lol! I guess it's coz I always swear under my breath at the person in front of me when they take a looong time digging around for cash, coins, loyalty cards, CCs, etc.:graucho:

    Wrt posting pics, you can upload them straight from your pc. Just click on the paperclip symbol located at the top of your post when you're replying and browse the folder where your pics are located in your pc, click upload.. wait a bit.. and you're done!:biggrin: It won't allow you to upload if your pics are too big a file. So, depending on your pics' file size, you may need to re-size first. Give it a try!:amuse:
  14. i see :smile: the coin compartment of the epi koala is not v large/ expandable, so you can keep some, but u will hv to use up all ur coins quickly :biggrin: i just started to use a cles to keep my coins, so far so good! :smile:

    let me try posting the pics! hope it works!
    DSC02266.JPG DSC02267.JPG DSC02269.JPG
  15. oooooh!!!! it works!!!!! :yahoo: