Koala Wallet

  1. I really like the koala wallet but I am just afraid that the hardwear will get very messed up. I just throw everything in my purse. I always just drop my keys into my purse. I have heard that the keys and koala's don't get along :sad:. Does anyone have pictures they can post of their "very loved" Koala's

    The main thing in a wallet I want is the ID sleeve/slot. Does anyone have any other suggestions on any other wallets that also have a ID slot. I hate pulling out my ID.
  2. I've had my mono koala since christmas and so far the hardware still looks nice. I am very happy with it. The only thing that bothers me a little is the small coin section in the back is a little hard to get in and out of. But I love how it fits all my cc and money and is still a compact wallet.

    Sorry my mom is borrowing my digital camera, so I can't take a pic!
  3. oooooo, I've had my koala for almost two weeks and there are superficial scratches - I think it's completely unavoidable with such a huge type of buckle. I even store it in my pochette pouch when it's in my speedy!

    I'm not complaining though------I LOOOOOOOVE my Koala!!
  4. I love my Koala so much, I bought it twice!

    (The third one was a gift) :graucho:
  5. My koala is a little scratched but I just keep my keys in the side pocket in my speedy and it all works out.
  6. i've had my koala for about 3 weeks now and there are a few very minor scratches on it but i keep things organized in a purseket so it will avoid scratching one another. i would definitely not avoid this wallet just because of the koala clasp....it's such a gorgeous and worthwhile piece of LV. you should definitely get it. all the hardware will inevitably get worn...same as the bag or wallet.
  7. If you want your bags and accessories to stay perfect, there's no point in even using them, know what I mean? Regular wear should be expected. Doesn't bother me.

    Pulled stitches and tears and things like that would definitely bother me. But I take extremely good care of my LVs, as I expect them to last for 10-20 years or more.
  8. i don't think u have to worry about scratches that much, i had my mc koala for a big while now and i have a habit of throwing everything into my purse too and it still looks great :smile:
  9. I love Koala pieces! Don't have the wallet, but everyday i pull out my koala agenda, it just put a smile on my face, definitely worth the 'history' mark!
  10. i think it's jsut part of regular wear and tear..like jane said, if you want to keep it in pristine condition, can't use it....
  11. I don't mind some wear and tear. That I totally understand. I am pretty hard on my purses and it does not bother me. I think that is why I am concerned about buying the Koala is because I am so hard on things. I just don't want it to look like total crap shortly after I buy it. Besides the scratches does the gold flake off? I have seen pictures (not sure what the exact name is) of the gold zipper pulls and they are all chipped and rusted. That is what I am more concerned about. Minor scratches won't bother me.
  12. :yes: :yes:

    You shouldn't sacrifice the koala b/c it "might get a scratch on the hardware." Its meant to be used and if you LOVE it, buy it, use it & enjoy it!!
  13. i've had my koala for about 2 years now and i just keep in my bag- and there's some tiny scratches on it but nothing huge or blaring. i tried to take a pic of it...but this was the best i could do...

  14. I think the scratches is part of the charm
    I used to have one and I didn't mind the scratches. It is unavoidable.
  15. I've had my Azur Koala since Xmas and there are scratches on the hardware.. but I guess it can't be avoided. :biggrin: still looks nice though.