koala wallet question

  1. I opened my koala wallet today and noticed that at the top the LV's are cut off. I have read that it is fake if the LV is cut off at the seam so is it true for wallets too? If anyone has the koala can you open yours and see if yours is the same? It's the top of the wallet edge right when you open it.

    I bought the wallet at eluxury so I never questioned the authenticity but just worried someone may have returned a fake to them sometime? Am I thinking too much? I have used it for awhile now not noticing it until now.
  2. If you bought it at eluxury then you have nothing to worry about. Their owned by LVMH so they are the ONLY online retailer that sells authentic LV.

    Can you post a pic of it?
  3. Can you show us the pictures ??
  4. yes, please show pics....
    because i think lv's now kinda starting to abandoned that rules on certain line. like in panda line, the LV logo is also cut-off on the top adn bottom of my agenda.
  5. Ok I will post pics later today
  6. Is it monogram or multicolore? My Koala is white MC and the LVs are all in tact except for the ones that are bisected by the coin zipper.

    But the multicolore monogram is smaller and on a different "grid" than the traditional monogram, so it may well be made differently.

    It occured to me recently while looking at my wallet that the pattern must be designed to conform to a very specific mathematical grid, because the symmetry of the monogram on my wallet is just perfect.

    It's like the wallet's shape and size was designed around the measurements of the monogram.
  7. I have the monogram and here are the pics. Thanks in advance for your thoughts or if you have one if you could check to see if it is like mine:yes:
    wallet 2.JPG wallet.JPG
  8. Hmm, that is weird. I even had this wallet and I don't remember that, but then I did't really look. If it's from Elux then it's real. Perhaps it needed to be cut that way for the placement of the bottom LV's.
  9. That Is Strange That The LV Is Cut Off. YES! Definitely Some Things They Cut Different. I Understand How You Might Worry, Because Of A Return. My Suggestion Is Give Eluxury Call. I Love Talking Them ~ They Are Always So Helpful. I Wish You Lots Of Luck!!! :smile:
  10. Please don't worry. I am sure your wallet is real. I just looked on Ebay and saw one that was sold by an Alva member and the LVs are cut off in the same place. I know there are members here who have the koala and will put your mind at ease further.
    I just checked my koala wallet and it's the exact replica of yours in terms of how it's cut. I bought mine a few months ago in the boutique itself, brand new w/ cardboard and everything. So I don't think you have any worries. Hope that helped!
  12. ^^Thanks so much for checking! That makes me feel so much better;)