Koala Wallet Owners !!!

  1. My girlfriend is selling her almost brand new mong, Koala wallet for a very reasonable price to me if I am interested. I already have the long wallet and the zip compact. Those of you who have the Koala wallet, Do you Love it? Do you think it is too much like the zip compact? I need some advice! Thanks
  2. I love mine. It's very well-designed and I love how it feels in my hand.
  3. It's a great wallet. I would recommend it.
  4. I love it!
  5. my koala is my fav from the whole LV wallet collection!! im loving it more and more!
  6. I also have the mono Koala wallet and it's fabulous!!!! Great design, very functional and practical, and eye-catching hardware! My friend owns the compact zippé, but she wasn't pleased with it (stiff leather so difficult to get cards in and out). I personally prefer the Koala as it holds much more, yet still manages to be so compact in its' design!
  7. I love mine!
  8. I would buy one in a heartbeat!
  9. I have the Mono Koala, I have noticed the leather is much softer and easier to put and pull my cards out, hopefully it won't stretch too much. However as much as I love mine to death, one bad point would have to be the hardware of the koala clasp getting scratched easily,and try not to put too many coins in the zipped pocket- looks too bulky, other than that everything is wonderful!!
  10. I love my Damier Koala wallet, love love love it !
  11. I love :heart: my LV Koala!!!:flowers: