Koala wallet in Nomade

  1. Hey guys,

    I didn't see a thread on this, but just read an email from corporate that the Koala Wallet will be available in the Nomade collection.

    It will be launching this December, and yeah will be in the Caramel and Noir color!

    (If this is a repeat, sorry! hehe.)

    - Laurence
  2. Yeah !! Thanks for the info ! :biggrin:
  3. Thanks for the info, laurence!:flowers:
  4. I love Nomade!! I have the large and medium ring agendas in Nomade, as well as a passport cover.
  5. Caannie !!! It's like you have every agenda ! :P
  6. Hey R!
    Your welcome :smile:

    When I read about it, I was like "oh" haha... I am curious to see who will buy it. I don't run into a lot of Nomade fans at my store... but hey they are out there I am sure! :smile:

    My store finally received that new Cannelle color in Epi, haha everyone says it reminds them of "wood." HAHA... anyhow!

    I like the black in Nomade, I think it is pretty!
  7. Oh wow I think your the first Nomade lover I have come across here! hehe... I have yet to sell an item in Nomade, but yeah I am sure at the larger stores they do.

    I bet your agenda's look great!

    I was thinking of a Pocket Organizer in Nomade, hmm... we'll see, hehe.
  8. Thanks for the info :flowers: Any idea what the hardware color will be for the koala?
  9. probably gold for caramel and silver for black
  10. That will be gorgeous!!! Thanks!!!
  11. Thanks for sharing!!
  12. Thank you laurence! is it going to be with the gold or the silver hardware?
  13. You're right! Thnx!

    I doubt my store will get the black at all, all we get is the caramel color...
  14. Thanks Laurence for the info!

    I'd be so afraid to get anything Nomade cos it'd scratch.... but well! It's beautiful. Sigh.
  15. Aw but it is those very same scars that make that line look beautiful! hehe...