Koala wallet in epi

  1. IS THIS NEW?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?! i saw it on vuitton.com! :nuts:

    omg! does anyone know how much it is? do u guys like damier more or epi more?

  2. I like the damier more. The red interior is sooo cute!
  3. Eluxury has an epi Koala wallet for $590.00. I do not have any LV wallets, so I cannot answer the second part of your question.
  4. oh! I like the sound of the damier! Does anyone know the price, since I can't get stinky elux up?
  5. I was just on eluxury and now "no go". If I can get on before I go to bed, I'll post the price.
  6. It took awhile for the site to load, but I believe the price for a damier koala wallet is $560.00. Hope this helps.
  7. The epi koala is $590 and the damier is $560. Elux has black, myrtille, and red in stock right now
  8. I was at LV the other day and checked out the Epi Koala Wallet vs the Monogram Koala wallet which I own- if you have long nails its hard to open the clasp on the Epi since it is quite smaller than the one on the Monogram wallet and is flush with the piece that holds it together. Its hard to explain- but before I would purchase the Epi I would check it out first. I am a lover of the Epi line and was quite dissapointed..
  9. Thanks!
  10. i just got myself the damier koala wallet today!!
  11. I personally like the damier more than the epi -- and this is coming from a gal who loves epi. I think for some reason the koala push button for the epi wallet doesn't quite match the overall look of the epi wallet. Besides, the red interior of the damier is much more attractive. It's like opening a present each time you open the damier wallet. ;)
  12. yay got my damier!
  13. Congrats to your new damier koala wallet!!! :yahoo:
    So Great!!! :yes:
    Looking forward to see pics of yours!!! :tender: