Koala Wallet....Damier or Vernis?

  1. I need a new wallet, and I love the style and functionality of the koala. I am torn over whether to get it in the damier or the vernis. Which one should I get and why? Is the vernis too delicate? Will it show too much wear? Any insight would be much appreciated :biggrin:
  2. :nuts: :nuts: :nuts: Ofcourse vernies ... i just Bought one and its stunnning and am soo loving it
  3. i got it in Fushia :biggrin:
  4. Ooooh, what color did you get??
  5. For durability, I would go with Damier.
  6. Damier. It's more of a classic.
  7. check my icon
  8. Damier hands down!!!!! Yuuuum!
  9. Damier....
  10. damier
  11. Wallets get dirty easy IMO, laying at the bottom of a handbag, holding dirty coins and cash. I would personally only get monogram or Damier.
  12. Damier, I think the koala closure is cuter when it's rounder.
  13. Definitely Damier...
  14. i like the damier! the round nose looks better than the pointy one on the vernis!
  15. It looks like the overwhelming majority prefers the damier...which is cheaper, so that is a bonus for me! Do authentic koalas pop up on ebay very often?