Koala Wallet and coins?

  1. Hi there,

    to all the Koala owners... do coins fit easily? The zipper pocket seems to be tiny... how many coins (approx, lol) will it hold?
    I thought about the French Purse, too... but I love the look of the Koala closure :love:
  2. It doesn't hold much but I just try to get rid of my coins as much as I can. I find the coins tend to gather in one area, at the opening, since it's a little roomier there so sometimes I unzip and push them over so they're more even. But again you can't over stuff with coins in this one because of the layout. I still love this wallet though!!
  3. I'd use a cles for coins.
  4. i still lve the wallet but yeah, i mean, i have about 1-2 weeks worth of coins in there now, and i'm trying to pay with exact change until i make more room.
    it's so cute though so i would buy it agani in a heartbeat!
  5. I thought about that... but I prefer having all my stuff in my wallet, I hate changing between wallets, cles, etc... :sad:
  6. I have the damier koala and the matching coin purse. It works perfectly and the coin purse doubles as a little wallet if I need a small wallet because it will hold a cc or two as well if necessary.
  7. i ordered the koala wallet when i ordered my damier speedy and its a really cute wallet, but i had to send it back. it was way too small and the coin compartment just sucked for me.
  8. the only issue i have with the koala is the coin compartment--not functional IMO. don't use it for coins. keep them in a cles.
  9. I've used my coin compartment for coins since I got it and now it's stretched and fits alot more. I love it - it's such a multifunctional wallet.
  10. Love the Koala lock :heart:

    However a friend of mine returned her Koala wallet for just that reason, not enough space to fit your coins. I know that for me it would be too small as well as I usually have my coin pocket stuffed with coins, receipts, shells and other stuff :p
  11. well, if every day, you dump your coind into a piggy bank, then you wont even need to hold any, and you can start a spare change lv fund.
    in 4 month, i got around 50 bucks. not bad... i could get a mini lin cles in a year!
  12. Good idea! :graucho:
  13. I agree with the others, minimal coins fit. I dump mine in my ashtray of my car for parking, etc.
  14. I've got a vernis Koala so I don't really want to stretch it out and risk wrinkles, but I've had a couple dollars of change in there at a time. I try and dump out all but a dollar in quarters into a piggy bank every day. But it works perfectly well.
  15. I think its adequate for the amount of coins it holds. It looks small, but it holds a good amount.