Koala wallet - a question

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  1. From eluxury "Louis Vuitton's functional, compact wallet gets its endearing name from the cute press clip closure, as it resembles the nose of a koala. Perfectly matching the Monogram Manhattan bags, this complete wallet in Monogram canvas is a delightful, and wonderfully practical, addition to your collection.
    • Monogram canvas with cross-grain leather lining
    • Shiny golden brass press clip closure; LV-engraved
    • Nine credit card slots, bill compartment, ID window, and zipped change compartment on the back
    • 4.9" L x 4.1" H x 0.8" W "
    Does anyone know if it has a compartment where you can store receipts? Like a 2nd bill compartment? Doesn't seem like it from the description but figured someone here would know for sure.

  2. Yes - there's a slot for receipts. There's a bill slot, 9 card slots, 1 opaque ID slot, and on the opposite side of the ID slot is a side pocket for receipts etc. If you need pics I'll take some :smile:
  3. I would love some pics. How big is the slot for receipts? I generally carry a lot.

    Thank you!!
  4. the back pocket is used as a change compartment, but i've slipped dollars and small receipts in there.
  5. I have one and there isn't a second slot. It is really roomy though for the 9 credit cards and I just stick reciepts in with my money b/c it opens up wide.
  6. Inside of the wallet:

    Then you flip the card holders to the right over so that it reveals 3 more card holders and the ID slot. Across from the ID slot is a slot for receipts:
  7. Thank you so much for the responses and pics!! It is such a nice wallet.