koala style clasp- longevity question

  1. has anyone found that the triangle/koala agenda style clasp tarnishes or chips easily? i would think it would show wear quickly, but am i wrong? thanks!
  2. I've had my Koala wallet since August and it hasn't scratched or chipped yet. I am very careful with it though.
  3. that is a good question though. i have had similar clasps on bags and they really did not work as well after a couple of years. granted, they were not LV.
  4. The one on my new-to-me mini pleaty has no chips but a few "scuffs". They really are not noticable unless you look very close. I think the scuffing is to be expected because of the design. Chipping though, dunno. :shrugs: Some of my other older pieces have tarnish on the zipper portions, I suppose the same could occur on the koala. How about using brass polish to brighten it up?
  5. My Monogram Koala wallet was very scratched from constant useage. It's cute, but I don't want to buy another slide lock item too soon. Might change my mind later.
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    OP: hi! ita...works fine, no probs with tarnishing, but scratched easily and very soon ater purchase, and i was not super careful, but it was not abused or used roughly....
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  8. ^ thanks- i could not think of how to describe that lock. thanks for the info, too, tpfers!
  9. My koala is over a year old and looks great. No tarnishing or scratches and I'm not overly careful with it.
  10. I have a Mini Pleaty. I've worn it maybe 10 times maximum, but the lock seems to be doing well. There's a few tiny surface scratches, but it's still shiny and beautiful. And not to mention, so darn cute! :girlsigh:

    Although I would imagine that the lock on the bags and the lock on the accessories may fare a bit differently, since it seems like the lock on the accessories would be handled more and maybe brush up more against other stuff in your bag? :confused1:
  11. thanks for the input.. i was thinking of getting one and was hesitating.
  12. hmmm....It really depends on how careful you use it and how much you use it. If you use it a LOT and abuse it, I'll give it max 2 years before all the gold gets scratched/chipped, otherwise, it really depends:yes:
  13. I have a damier koala agenda and my clasp still looks great after 4 months of daily use. I love the koala clasp and I would definitely consider getting in on other pieces.