Koala Purse?

  1. My mom says she saw a new type of purse where it had a koala logo or something. I'm not too sure on the price, I don't think it's an expensive purse but something people are toting around fashionwise. Anyone know where i can find the name of this type of purse?

    I did a search for koala purses and actually came up with purses with a fuzzy koala head. Not what I was looking for :nogood:
  2. Maybe you are thinking of Kipling?
  3. Maybe she meant Kangaroo? Kangol does a few bags.
  4. Hmmm, I didn't get an email notification.....

    Thanks for the suggestions but I don't think those were it. I will ask my mom again when she gets home. :confused1:
  5. I've seen something with a log like that, but it was in a luggage store, they did have some small bags and purses though. Not sure on the name brand, but I think they were Australian.
  6. I saw a girl walking down the street with a Kipling bag.. I was so surprised it was kipling! Cute printed canvas bag!