Koala purse or Red epi Coin purse??

  1. I like them both! Can't deside :sweatdrop: - What do you think? :smile:
    Koala purse 1.jpg Koala purse 2.jpg Epi coin 1.jpg Epi coin 2.jpg
  2. I like the koala purse, so cute!!!!
  3. I vote for the koala coin purse too:heart:
  4. koala! i have the koala wallet and it's soooooooo gorgeous inside when you open it up!
  5. koala for sure!!!
  6. Koala
  7. definitely koala! I have been eyeing it at the boutique..
  8. I like the koala coin purse it is so cute.
  9. that koala was the first item I fell in love with LVwise, so likewise I suggest it to you!
  10. the Koala has a lot more style IMO it is really beautifull I had it but returned it cause is quite tight, so i would say is REALLY pretty but limited in its use
  11. Koala! I love the hardware on it.
  12. I hear you :yes: - Thanks all :smile:

    Antonio Loredo....I know it's quite limited in use, but I don't carry more than 4 CC... I think it'll work for me ...Thanks!
  13. i have the damier koala wallet.
    i love it.
    with that red inside and gorgeous gold opening.
    go for it!
  14. i like the koala! :love:
  15. Koala!