Koala Kwestions

  1. I have a Damier Koala Agenda which I love, though am worried it will be too small to use both as diary and wallet - I usually have a lot to write in my diary! - so am considering my options. I can either get a larger Agenda to use as a big diary with a day-to-page refill, and then use my small ring as a wallet with a week-to-page or notepad refill; or to just get a wallet.

    Anyway, I really love the Koala clasp on the Agenda, and am wondering if any of the medium sized Agendas were made with the Koala clasp? Also, were any of the longer shaped wallets made with the Koala? I've seen the Koala short wallets (are they called compact?) with the coloured leather insides and they're neat, but prefer a slimmer but longer one. (If there's no such thing as a longer Koala wallet and I do decide to get a wallet, I'd just get a red-inside Damier one to match my Agenda.)

    Thanks! Oh, and any opinions on which I should do would be appreciated! :p