Koala clasp... polishing/cleaning? New koala wallet?

  1. I was using this damier koala wallet every day for some time and now that I feel it's time to part with it, I really want to do something to minimize the scratches on the little button on the front. It's pretty bad(see the pic). What can I use to polish it? Is there something I might have around the house or something I could purchase online? Is it even likely that I'd be able to do much about it?

    Also, I still love the style of the koala wallet but I want something that will match more with my other bags, since I've been buying bags other than LV and also want to get more monogram bags and I don't feel the damier matches as much. I'm between the black epi, the MC in either white or black, and the perle vernis, what do you think?
  2. I have the problem too...I own the mono koala wallet and haven't used it much at all, but everytime I arrive home after going for an errand I notice yet another new scratch/mark/dent! And I try to be very very careful with it! It's so annoying and there's nothing you can really do about it. Unless maybe take it to the jeweler's and get it polished, but that would thin out the brass and be pointless somehow coz new scratches will inevitably emerge. My latest scratch is due to the clasp being scraped against my bag's zipper as I pulled it out last week, it kinda ruined my day, but I guess I'll have to live with the sensitive clasp....:shrugs:
  3. No advice? :\
  4. MC in white:nuts: ,saw it last time and absolutely loves it.:love: , Epi or MC in Black is boring (sorry,I'm not a fan of black) and Vernis will be high maintenance. Sorry ,I've no advice on polishing...IMO the hardware scrathces very easily...I've seen the ones on display with heaps of scratches:s
  5. The white MC is really pretty... I don't have any MC, I'm kind of scared of rubbing/wear over time though.