koala change purse

  1. does anyone have this ? If so how many c/c 's can you fit in there?

    I'm finding myself admiring this more and more and would like to replace my prada card wallet for this.
    koala change purse .jpg
  2. I went to the Boutique last week with the intention of buying that exact koala change purse for the exact same purpose and the SA talked me out of it and into the Ludlow which I exchanged for a speedy. IRL it is really small with not much space for CCs. I have a ton of CCs and other cards that I carry so this wouldn't have worked. BUT I still so want it!!!!!
  3. I got my mum one for Christmas. She only has on CC, and it works perfectly for her. Looks really nice with her Damier Musette :smile:
  4. That's adorable!
  5. Thank you, I was looking the size compared to this
    Porte-Monnaie Plat

    and it is somewhat smaller. :sad:

  6. The portemonnaie plat fits about 8 CCs and bills, plus coins separately. I have two and use them often. The koala is much smaller (narrower), it works maybe for 1 CC and the other slot works for bills and few coins. It looks so cute and when I was in Paris I almost bought it but the practical side of me said no :shrugs:
  7. i feel like the picture makes it look moderately sized, but IRL, it is REALLY tiny...the koala clasp is bitty!!! Even the damier business-card holder seems larger (and more appropriate for CCs).

    Despite all that, the koala change purse is REALLY cute.
  8. I "tried" it on the store
    It is really pretty but it is not a wallet I mean is very much for esentials
    not very big storage
  9. I'm still debating on buying this coin purse to replace my coach. I think will get it because it's still so cute!
  10. Very VERY cute.
  11. Oooh I really like it!
  12. hmm maybe its not what i'm looking for then :sad:
  13. It's a cute piece. I've got one. You can fit two CCs in back, two in front pocket. Then in the coin pocket you could fit at least 2 more CCs/ID card, coins, and a little cash. It's very compact. Fits nicely in my Pochette. Slick.
  14. Sounds like it doesn't hold very much, but so so cute. I love the lock detail!
  15. yes, it looks absolutely adorable but don't know if it could accomodate someone like me who also carries around more than 2 CCs plus bills, other cards and change