koala agenda

  1. After seeing someone in here with a Monogram Koala Agenda in Rose. I'm dying for it. So does louis vuitton have anymore & how much do the retail for? I plan on calling louis vuitton as soon as i can but i can't wait to fine out! They have one on eBay but i have no clue where it's real or not. i think it is though so i'm keeping my eye on it.

    Also i posted about getting a new store & what to buy. Since i don't have a job yet it will have to be something small. So i was thinking about the Dentelle Ludlow. Would it fit in my Pochette Croissant? Also how much does it cost? I been wanting a wallet to fit in it since i got it in april 2006.

    i can't wait intil my store opens so i don't have to keep asking these silly questions :smile:
  2. I purchased mine in June and it was $350.00
  3. Thanks, I hope it's still in stock. If so i'll have enough to buy it next Saturday!! **crosses fingers**
  4. you will have to search for it. they're discontinued. call 866 and see if you can find one. i know atlantic city had some but i'm not sure how much stock.
  5. 866 can locate one for you. It's much easier that way and they can ship it to you.
  6. You can post the eBay one on the authentication board, the fellow TPF'ers are very helpful! Thanks all! (John)

  7. I'm going to call them tomorrow!! hopefully i'll be able to find some way to get it before they sell out compelety because i would much rather pay a little more & buy it from louis vuitton to have the comfort of knowing it's real & never used.
  8. they are $375 now.....if you can find one.

    i use to want that one too...but now i kinda think i want the damier one!
  9. I callet 866-VUITTON today even though i hate talking on the phone it freaks me out but the guy was supppppper nice. I had just woke up & he didn't hear what i said so he asked me to spell it & i told him C-O-A-L-A. :blush: I caught myself the second time but i still felt stupid. Anyways he gave me the 8 or 9 locations that still had them but i'm not sure if that was just the rose or the mandarin too. & i think my dad is going to buy it for me!!! My mom said she would talk to him tomorrow about when.

    I'll keep you updated on if i get one or not!!!:yahoo:

  10. hope you do :smile: i came close to getting a damier in atlantic city a few weeks ago but decided against it. then i realized not one store in new york city had it, which was where i was going to buy it, so i opted for a damier azur instead. plus it was $100 less than a koala and i didn't feel like paying the extra hundred. lol.
  11. There is one in Budapest, but I guess you live too far away for that...Good luck with it!
  12. I hope you get it, its soo cute!!!
  13. good luck in finding one in pink. remember to post pics, i think koala is lovely.
  14. I called the Plam Beach, Fl location & they still had it in stock. It should arrive in about 2 days & they gave me the calendar inserts for the rest of the year free!!! :hysteric:

    I'll post pictures as soon as i get it in.