Koala agenda!

  1. Ok, so the mono koala agenda just "reappeared" on elux, but it's the rose one. I really, really, really want this agenda, but in mandarin!! Do I take this one in case they are indeed gone forever, or cross my fingers and wait for the orange one?

  2. Why don't you call the 866 number and see if they can locate one for you. Someone else posted that these have been discontinued. 866 would be your best bet.
  3. Thanks! I'll do that!.... considering that koala on elux is gone already....
  4. Hahaha, I'm on hold with them now.... now I know what y'all meant by the music!! It's so chill.... :noworry::sleepy:
  5. The Louis Vuitton in Edmonton has one.
  6. The LV (store not Saks) in dallas had the orange one and the pink one in the koala. I hope you get one they are gorgeous!
  7. The orange interior and pen are the best. Get the orange one and spring for the pen.

    Good luck, good Louis . . . good life.
  8. I have it in mandarin and I loooooove it!:heart: Don't give up the search!
  9. Yeeaaah, I went ahead and ordered it! Should be here by Friday!! I'm very excited, it's actually my first LV piece, but because it's not a bag, I feel like I'm waiting to do the MAJOR celebration dance.... probably after my BV purchase, you'll all hear about it!! :wlae: