Koala agenda questions

  1. I bought a Damier Koala agenda yesterday and I LOVE it! I will post pics later today.

    My questions is...does the hardware scratch easily? I am gentle with my things, so it won't be thrown around. But by opening and closing the clasp all the time, would be scratch? If you own one and had it for a while, have you had any problems?

    Also, my agenda is made in Spain. I have never owned a LV piece that was made in Spain and that was the only koala agenda at the store yesterday. Where was your agenda made?

    Thank you!!!!
  2. Mine was made in Spain also. Just got it so I can´t answer about the scratching sorry!
  3. My Koala agenda was made in Spain also.
  4. Mine was also made in Spain.... I think I bought it in March or April.... It still looks fabulous, and I'm not that careful with it. No scratches.
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