Koala agenda push lock hard to open?

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  1. I just bought from Eluxury a Koala agenda. The pretty pink inside, agenda.:P The push lock is so hard to push in and out of the latch thingy. Does anyone have this problem on these or is it just bad and I need to exchange it? :confused1:
    Thank you for any help out there.
  2. Not hard for me. Is your agenda too full?
  3. i never have problems with LV pushlocks
  4. or might be too empty? I hear the epi ones are more problematic (the triangular ones)
  5. I would think it would get easier with time?
  6. Oh yes, that could be it too, is there anything in the agenda?
  7. I am so sorry that I didn't reply. My computer company decided to change over the last few days and I wasn't fore warned. It works great now. It just was very new and it needed some use. I love it. I love using the agenda also with all the goodies. Thanks all for your replys and sorry I was missing in action.:shrugs: