Koala Agenda: Mono or Damier

  1. So I have decided to get the koala agenda, I love it and can resist no longer!!! Now I have to decide whether to go with the Mono which has the pretty light pink inside or the Damier which has the red. I already have the red epi pocket organizer so I think the two will look good together is necessary but I keep looking at that pretty pink in the Mono. What do you all think? I am ordering it today and not looking back!!!!
  2. i prefer the Damier because of its red lining. it looks so elegant, somehow
  3. I like the mono with pink! Sounds like you do too! You only pull one accessory out of your purse at one time and unless we're taking pictures, that's the only time we line them up.

    If you love the mono with that pretty pink interior - I would go for it. You will enjoy it more when you're actually using it. Sounds like you don't really like the Damier quite as much except that it matches your other piece. I would think about it this way - which one will make you smile when you open it up to actually use it?
  4. Love the Damier....and I like that it'll match with your epi piece.
  5. I really love the RED lining of Damier :love: ... very fab!!!
    But Rose of Mono is also adorable :yes:
    That's too tough to choose only one :sweatdrop:
    OK, for me, I vote DAMIER :tender:
  6. Damier!
  7. I bought the damier about 2 weeks ago. I love love love it! That red is TDF. I think the pink inside the mono is cute, too, but somethin about that red. Plus I also think the damier is a little classier for some reason. I don't think it matters if your items match, but I have to say my damier koala agenda is my favorite small lv piece.
    Agenda.jpg Agenda1.jpg
  8. I looove both, prefer the monogram tho ! :yes:
  9. Oh, one more thing I forgot to mention. Ask your SA if they have any 2006 refills left and they should be able to give you one for free. My SA gave me one; after all, we have 2 full months left in this year! That's my free refill that's in my picture above. You get a little lv ruler, tiny little cute lv stickers, maps, phone book, note paper, plus your month at a glance and week at a glance. Too cute!
  10. Either one:yes: both are great purchase, I just received my Mono Koala with black lining and silver hardware, it was very hard to find it, this color combo is sold out, but the pink lining is so cute.
    here mine..
    and the front..
  11. hmmmmmmm....I love that damier agenda with red lining..
  12. I have the koala mono with azur interior...
  13. I like the Damier one more.
  14. The koala mono with the pink lining.:love: ( But I like pink.:shame: )
    This one is sooo nice.
  15. I love it in mono with the pink.