Koala Agenda - gone?

  1. I was just looking at the LV website to check the price of the new scarves, and I went over to the agenda section too, and the agendas with the koala lock aren't there anymore!

    Were they limited? Or simply a glitch while updating the site?

  2. No idea really... maybe LV retired that line, because another one will be launched soon?
  3. I had heard that they were discontinued.
  4. Hopefully I can find one later on down the line :/ I wanted to purchase one inbetween all the Fall/Winter bags that I want.
  5. Call the 866 number. They were super fast in locating one for me today, and apparantly there are a few more out there than I thought there were.... the store they connected me to had the color interior I wanted, and they had more than one!!
  6. They have been discontinued in the UK. I believe there is a new version being release with a zipper closure for next years collection
  7. they still have some. call 1866. i know i want this agenda really really bad too!
  8. Has the damier agenda with the red interior been d/cd, anyone know? If so, I need this ASAP !!!!! TIA...
    I'm so desperate!!
    I just called my SA in Zurich and he told me that they don't produced it anymore and there are no more damier koala agendas any more in every shop in Switzerland!
    I wanted it so bad!
  10. You guys must get one - I have the Damier Koala Agenda with red lining, and it's gorgeous. I use it as an organiser and wallet, and it makes me smile everytime I get it out! I just wish they'd made these in the medium and large sizes too. I want a large Damier Agenda, and one with a Koala lock and red lining would have me swooning! :drool:

    They pop up on eBay reasonably steadily though, so keep your eyes open. There's a Mono Koala with pink lining on there now, says they're a tPF member. :smile:
  11. They still have the mono koala agendas are still around. I saw many of them the other day.
  12. wait, i'm confused, the agendas are different color linings?
  13. Yes, the damier has red interior and the monogram has rose or mandarin.

    They also had monogram with black or blue interior, but those are totally sold out.
  14. that's interesting since all the agenda linings on eluxury and vuitton.com are the regular brown color...