KO Knockout Matte Nail Polish?

  1. Hi Ladies, I am completely obsessing over this product. I haven't seen it in person but it seems really cool.


    Any thoughts? I wish it were possible to get it locally (Boston).
  2. I have this in Calamine and in Flatte Black. I also just ordered the new mint green color, Liberty.
    I LOVE these!!! They are so unique and different. They dry in about 45 seconds, which is great for my life. They have a pretty good lasting time also, but it barely matters because you can touch it up at any time due to the amazing drying time.
    The company is fantastic also, very fast shipping. They sent me the wrong polish once, I called them about it and they said to keep the wrong one and they shipped the right one out that same day. I know these are $$$$, but I think they're worth it!
  3. bumping this - i tried to order but paypal wouldn't let me pay (my main address is canadian, but i put in my us address)

    i also emailed them with no response. i really want a bottle!
  4. I haven't tried these as they are so $$ but I can't wait until OPI releases their matte polishes next month!
  5. Zoya is also putting out matte polishes. There's also Manglaze.
  6. I am so curious about these matte polishes. I really want to see what they look like IRL
  7. Ooh I hadn't heard about OPI! I've been wanting to try the KO Knockout polish too, but I worry that for the cost, I might just let it sit in my collection barely used.
  8. I have these in Liberty and Flatte Black. They are awesome, very different.
  9. I am dying for these, too! But I will wait for the OPI as well, since I can get it all over the place here...they have the KO at Bendel's if you call and ask.

    But I also just read that you can make any color in your collection matte like KO if you put this top coat on it by Butter London:


    I have this product yet (I love it, and the rest of the line) but haven't tried it yet. Once I do I'll report back!

    PS: You can also get Butter London stuff at drugstore.com and b-glowing.com.
  10. I just rec'd my KO polish today. Here is Calamine:


    I haven't decided if I like it though. I think maybe a different color for me would be better. Also, the nails on my right hand have some ridges and this polish does doesn't hide any flaws!
  11. i played around with these when i saw them at bendel's a few months back and while i thought they were cool i wasn't entirely crazy about the way they looked. as itsanaddiction mentioned they're not the most forgiving. i am really excited for OPI's matte polishes though!
  12. I have REALLY wanted to try Butter London products for awhile now, so if this works, it might be time for my first Butter London purchase (of course, I'll have to get some polishes too ;) ) Please let us know how it works!