Knut the Polar Bear What do you think?

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  1. [​IMG]
    If you don't know the story a polar bear has been born in a zoo in Germany he's mother rejected him and the zoo staff have taken over feeding him with a bottle.

    An animal rights activist has called for Knut to be put to sleep as it is cruel for him to be raised by humans

    here is a story about it for more info.

    What are your thoughts/feelings on this?
  2. I don't know the story, or why someone could think its there a link to this?
  3. I think the obvious answer is that it is not in an animal's best interest to kill it (unless it is sick, injured.)

    That polar bear is so cute that I want to smush his face each time I see him!
  4. What is more cruel - to be raised by humans or to be killed???? Unbelievable.
  5. You know, it's funny that groups who claim to be all about the welfare of animals is so adamant that the zoo kill that little cub!

    The zoo's not going to kill it. The owner of the zoo says that's just nonsense.

    The humane thing would be to raise it until it's strong enough to be self-reliant.
  6. I have no idea why an animal rights group would want an animal to die b/c it doesn't have a mother??!! It is in no way cruel for the polar bear to be raised by people who care and love for it, what is cruel is someone wanting to kill the poor thing b/c of it being raised unnaturally. Ridiculous....
  7. He's adorable..and I couldn't ever imagine that true "activists" for wildlife would suggest that death is better than being raised by humans. Ugh.
  8. so adorable!!! I can't believe this nonsense as well!
  9. Because he's an orphan, he should die too? How is that logical? I don't understand these animal rights groups:confused1: sometimes.
  10. I never understood what motivates animal activist. Especially when it comes to endangered species. Knut is lucky to be conceived in a contain environment already. Why they want the adorable baby polar bear to be euthanise is beyond my comprehension.
  11. Cutie-wootie-pie :cutesy:
    I applaud Animal activists for trying to look out for the welfare of animals but sometimes they go too far... to the point I cant stand them!!
  12. I am totally against putting a healthy animal down.
    He has been lucky enough to have been born in a zoo, so why not give him the chance at a life that he deserves?
    Would the same animal activists say the same thing about a panda I wonder??
    It's ppl like him that give animal activists a bad name...
  13. Let's face it, at the rate we humans are going, destroying our planet and driving other species into extinction, pretty soon the only place we'll be able to see polar bears is in zoos, so why kill this cute lil fella whose odds in his natural habitat would probably be zero?
  14. Poor thing.. This just does not make sense.