Knox or Trina Turk?

  1. I started a thread asking your thoughts on Knox bags. I guess I'm trying to convince myself to buy it since it would be more than I've ever spent on a bag. For my limited budget, the bag I like most so far is this Trina Turk bag for $199 (which I bought and can return). I have been lemming the Knox bag (which would be a pretty big splurge for me @ $422) for a couple months now and I'm pretty sure I like it better than the Turk, however I haven't seen it IRL and I am still trying to justify spending more. I need help deciding! If they were the same price I would most definitely go with the Knox bag. Or, are there other bags in that style and price range that you would recommend?
    pamplona.jpg Turk.JPG
  2. I don't know anything about either of these bags but if I am being completely honest with you, I don't like either. I see that you like leather, like I do. I suggest you go into the deals and steals forum and look at the Hayden Harnett Labour Day thread. There is a link there that will take you to a sale site. There are some really great quality leather bags at 50-80% off. You can easily get a bag for $100-200. There are also tons of pics posted of girls from tPF modelling their bags. They all got me hooked. Just take a look because they have some great styles, the quality is incredible and the price points are great.
  3. I appreciate the honesty. I think if I kept the Trina Turk bag I would be settling, and I don't want to do that. We all have different tastes of course, and I still like the Knox bag, but my hesitation in getting it is probably telling. I feel like I have searched high and low for a bag and just can't find the one for me. Can anyone tell me some of there favorite sites and/or stores where I could get a good quality leather bag for under $400? I like bags that are a little more interesting as opposed to really classic/box-like/straight lines. Seems like Hayden Harnett has a lot of love here, but unfortunately I don't think that works for me.
  4. the one on the right
  5. Try Also, you can try and use the code apologies for 25% off or you can try and try the code luckybreaks3 for a % off (I think its 25%). Also, trying searching through the deals and steals forum. People always post different sites that are having sales or codes you can use to get a certain percentage off. Good luck in your search!
  6. The one on the right looks nice. Is it patent leather?
    Try looking up on the Boyy Bag, i think theyve got some selections that i think you might like.
    Tell me waht you think
  7. Yes bangkok6999, I did like some of the Boyy bags...I think Trevor is my favorite. However, I am not willing at this point to spend so much on a bag. :crybaby:
    Thank you biggestbaglover, I have been gone most of the day, so I have only started checking out, and I am going to check out the others as well. So far, I am interested in several there. I have to check out there policies, if there is not free shipping or returns it makes me nervous. I have already ordered several from Zappos and endless that i thought i would love and IRL did not like at all. Thank you all...I think I am getting close to finding my bag!:nuts:
    Bangkok6999, the Turk bag in the picture is not patent. I think it may be glazed, but it definitely looks shinier in the picture than IRL.
  8. Should I go for the Rebecca Minkoff Nikki @ $465??? If I'm going to spend that kind of money I need a push! Would it really be worth $266 more than the Trina Turk bag? I almost bought the Minkoff bag and then I stopped myself...I can't stop thinking that I am wasting money... even though I don't have as much to spend as many of you, I am still a bagaholic.
  9. Trust me, I don't have that much to spend. I just do it anyways! LOL! Anyway, I have heard a lot about RM bags and there are quite a few threads on them. The general consensus seems to be that they are timeless bags and of great quality. The leather is wonderful and they are very well made. I say, go for it. It seems to be the one you are lusting after. Treat yourself and then be conservative about other expenses. Let us know what you decide!
  10. Aaahhhhh!! Just when I think I have decided...something happens. So i just got an email from the site that has the Knox bag offering a discount. So it's the Minkoff orKnox and now i have to check out Shopbop because of their discount. Ay yi yi! I need to decide!!!
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