Known for . . . but I like . . .

  1. James Taylor is known for hits like Fire and Rain and You've Got A Friend.

    Even though those are two of his most famous songs, my favorite James Taylor song is You Can Close Your Eyes.

    Blondie is known for hits like Call Me, Rapture and Heart of Glass.

    Even though those are three of their most famous songs, my favorite Blondie song is The Tide is High.

    Does anyone else find that with bands or musicians?
  2. Yep!

    One of my top bands is Radiohead. They are widely known for Creep.. but my favourite songs are India Rubber and The Tourist.
  3. I think they're better known these days for songs off of OK Computer (Paranoid Android, Karma Police), but my favorites are Lull and Street Spirit. That's funny that you picked a B-side off a track from The Bends and a lesser known track from OK Computer, and I picked a B-side off a track from OK C and a lesser known song from The Bends. :tup:
  4. ^ :yes: I'm at a loss for specific examples, but whenever I buy an album with multiple singles, I always like the 3rd or 4th single best, not the smash hit. And there's usually one random, unknown track I end up loving...

    The only example I can think of (and this is not indicative of my typical taste in music) is Natasha Bedingfield's album that has "Unwritten" on it. The last track "Wild Horses" is my favorite... it's beautiful!

  5. LOL! What a coincidence. I was going to mention Paranoid Android as one of their most known songs but then I though.. every person I mention Radiohead to instantly thinks of Creep! Either way, I have a different favourite every week but India Rubber and The Tourist are permanently on my playlist. This week's song: Jigsaw Falling Into Place!

  6. Wild Horses? Did she cover the ROlling stones song? if so:heart::heart::heart: That song is beautiful Alicia keys also did a version of it i think with Adam Levine from maroon 5;)
  7. No, I tend to like artists biggest hits for some reason. :confused1: Even with artists that I haven't heard of or don't know I tend to like the most popular choices.
  8. It happens with me all the time. You mentioned JT--my favorite song of his is Going to Carolina In My Mind.

    Donna Summer is known for Last Dance and Hot Stuff. But I could listen to Heaven Knows for hours.
  9. I love the Grateful Dead but my favorite song of theirs is not "Truckin" or "Casey Jones" or "Uncle John's Band", but "Ripple", which is on American Beauty and is the song that first turned me on to the Dead.

    My favorite JT tune is "Steamroller" btw.