Knowledgeable/helpful SAs and stores w/good MJ selection?

  1. So I'm searching for a past-season MJ bag (specifically, small quilted patent bowler in patent blush or lobster) and a few of you responded to a separate post with helpful suggestions of stores to try (thanks!). Luckily I live in LA and have access to Nordstrom, Bloomingdales, Saks, Neiman Marcus, etc in the area. If I go to the store in person the SA will be helpful in tracking down a particular bag from another store if they don't have it. But when I call on the phone to see if they have a bag, it always seems like I get stuck with the new SA who doesn't know the bags by name and who doesn't really try to help me. I know that as a customer on the phone I take lower priority than a customer who's there in person buying something, but considering these people make good commission you'd think they'd want to at least try to provide some service.

    So, here's what I'm hoping you experienced ladies can tell me: which stores carry the best selection of MJ (nationwide)? I will call them directly myself. Also, do you know of specific SAs I can try to ask for when I call the store, who are knowledgeable and helpful? So far I know that Nordie's in South Coast, Fashion Valley and Bellevue have good selection but I'm not as sure about the other stores.

    Sorry for the rambling and TIA for your help. You know how it is when you're trying to find a bag.....I'm on a mission!! :drool:
  2. I met a very nice SA at the Glendale location yesterday, she was very knowledgeable and owned a few MJs herself. If you'd like more info, pm me.
  3. If I remember correctly, the only department stores that carried blush in any style were Neimans and Bergdorfs (also eLuxury). I'm pretty sure Saks was the only dept. store that carried lobster. I know Nordstrom only carried patent bags in black, green, midnight, and chalk. I'm not sure about Bloomingdales because there aren't any in my area...

    I hope you are able to find your bowler! Good luck!
  4. ^^ Yup, Nordstrom didn't get Lobster and Blush (except for Ursula Lee), you can find Cola there as well; in addition, Nordies buyers didn't get any Quilted Patent Elise. Bloomindale's got all the colors.

    Nordstrom South Coast Plaza (Costa Mesa, CA): 714.957.3604 (ask for Marty)
    Nordstrom Fashion Valley Mall (San Diego, CA): 619.295.4441 ext 1250 (ask for Joseph)
    Nordstrom Downtown Seattle (WA): 206.628.1250
    Neiman Marcus Fashion Island (Newport Beach, CA): 949.759.1900 (ask for Tiffany in handbags)
  5. I called the Las Vegas MJ boutique and spoke with Matthew. He was more than helpful and could access some sort of inventory database. He was able to tell me what colors were available in the style I wanted, as well as what color hardware each particular color had.
  6. Thanks, all! So helpful, helps me narrow my quest. bag.lover, I'm going to put those numbers in my phone (my new friends, haha).
  7. MJ Mercer boutique all of the SAs are really helpful and knowledgeable over the phone

    Bloomingdales 59th Street NYC-ask for Judith in MJ handbags. She is super helpful and sweet. I have to look for the number though:sad:
  8. the most amazing SA I have found is named Peggy in Seattle. This is not where I live but she has helped me track things done in tim buck too...not kidding...amazing. maggie
  9. The NM in Fashion Island has the small and large bowler in small and large. I'm 99% sure I saw them both yesterday. They stuck in my mind since I haven't seen them in quite some time... Anyways, give there store a call. Most of their SA's are pretty helpful there, especially if you tell them you want to buy a bag :smile:

    Their number is 1-800-395-1036