Knowing when You're gonna die vs Not knowing?

  1. I'm one of the people who would prefer to know when I'm going to die. That way I could plan out my life, and what I want to do, and take away all the things that will take me to long to get there. I just want to know when i'm going to die. That would be the best year of my life. I don't know, i guess iIm different, but I'd want to know when I was going to die. What about you guys. Would you want to know when you are going to die, or would you like it to be a "surprise"?
  2. Surprise me.
  3. ew, no I would feel 'cursed' if I knew the date of my death. JMHO.
  4. No way! I don't want to be surprised I would want to know!! I had a near death experience so I call it, this past October. I didn't know I had an ectopic pregnancy the pain started and last about 3 days on the 3rd day the pain was so intense that once I huddled over in pain I couldn't stand upright anymore. But anyway, I remember I was sitting in the bathroom hunched over in pain and this thought entered my mind but it was as if someone was saying it to me. I thought, Someone will be so happy if you die, my immediate response to myself was I am not gonna give that b!tch the satisfaction of just going away. Then when my husband came home. I was so angry and that motivated me to get to a doctor ASAP. Some of you know about my ordeal with my husband. So I think either God or my guardian angel was giving me the heads up on both situations.
  5. I think knowing that you're going to die would be an awful feeling. I'd rather it be a surprise.
  6. I would NOT want to know!
  7. I don't want to know either, its kind of hard to live everyday like theres no tomorrow if you know there is going to be. Plus I'm prone to procrastination :cry:
  8. I think I would rather not know, but on the other hand (in contradiction), I would rather die of a terminal illness where I had time to get things in order and say my goodbyes to my loved ones, than die all of a sudden and not have time to do these things.
  9. I just don't want to die full stop!!! LOL I certainly would not want to know when I would go crazy! Sometimes i think the policy of telling terminally ill patients that they are going to die takes away all their hope. Hope can keep people alive!
  10. I don't want to know - I just hope I'm not in the middle of a good book!
  11. I'd rather not know, but I do enjoy life and make the decision to be happy every day, because I know one day I will indeed die. I leave stuff like that in God's hands (not meaning to get religious or existential).
  12. I wouldn't want to know. They could tell me and the answer could be like, "August 2007" and I'd be, all, "D'oh!"

    So weird. I was thinking about starting this very topic today; knowing vs. not knowing when you're gonna be out of the game.
  13. I kind of see your point and I like knowing things in life too, helps me plan however if I knew that then it may just be harder and I'll be less motivated to do anything.

    It's a pretty serious and "tricky" question.
  14. I'd rather not know. I don't think I'll be able to function or live normally if I knew when I'll expire.
  15. Oh God, If I knew when I was going to die then I couldn't help feeling doomed and depressed until I finally did die! It would just ruin everything and be kinda like a dark cloud.. just there.

    Weird metaphor but yeahh LOL!