Knowing What to Expect


Aug 19, 2006
So my dad decided this year that my brother, sister and I (27, 17 and 20 yrs old respectively) are old enough to pick out our own Christmas presents, so he took us to the mall and I FINALLY got to actually buy something at an actual LV store. I've bought a Mono musette salsa and a speedy 25 used, but the retail experience was so exciting! I got the last damier pouchette that the store had and the SA was very nice and wrapped it in a fancy box with a bow. Even though my dad and brother made fun of me for getting something so small and my sister actually called it 'cheap-looking' (!!!) I am SO excited for Christmas morning- even though I already know what I'm getting! Anyone else know exactly what they are getting but still can't wait to unwrap it Christmas morning?


Dec 7, 2007
Congrats on the gift. I know exactly what you mean. I asked my bf for the zippy coin purse which was sold out online and through a few of the nearby LV stores. He finally showed up with a little brown box, and although I know what it is I cannot wait.


will work for bags!
Nov 20, 2007
congrats on ur purchase, there's definitely something more satisfying about buying at an actual store:yes:. i have a amarante small agenda, a damier azur speedy 30, and a goatskin with contrast piping chanel wallet (in silver) waiting for me under my xmas tree:party::party:.


Cuddly Bag Monkey
Jul 20, 2007
Congrats on your LV Christmas! To answer your question, my hubby bought me 2 mono bags for XMAS around Thanksgiving week! I was sooo excited that he agreed to let me carry one right away and we kept the other one to open on XMAS day...I honestly don't think I could've lasted if I had to wait for both so I know EXACTLY what you're feeling!
Just 2 more days (woo hoo! enjoy your bag!).