knowing too much about new releases?

  1. YAAAYY! i called in to waitlist for the miroir hearts annndd i'm first! so my SA says. teehee score!

    Not that the miroir hearts are new news to us but do your SA's or boutique ever give you wierd looks or seem suspicious when you know stuff thats going to come out? or do they assume another SA has told you about it or what. lol. i'm starting to wonder what my SA thinks about me knowing all this stuff. (i don't regret knowing it though!)
  2. Hey somehow its true, when i asked my SA about upcoming items, at times she is unsure & surprised i knew more then her:amuse: haha i shld have told her not to worry, i'm not going over to work in LV...i'm just a few steps faster which i think its common among LV fans:shame:
  3. My SA said the same tonight. I asked her to put me in the list whenever the miroir heart is coming in store.... she said it was last season... I said oh but I heard that there will be the new coming out soon next year.
  4. My SA's acted clueless when I brought this up.
  5. They always act clueless, and then I am sure they talk crap after I leave!
  6. This always happens to me. I mentioned the hearts coming back out and asked her if she knew anything about it, my SA said that they were long gone and LV wasn't going to make them again. I guess I have to wait till Feb. ...
  7. I waitlisted for the gold cosmetics case tonight, and she knew what I was talking about because they have been told. But I asked if she knew anything else about the Groom line coming out and she mentioned that it hasn't been confirmed to them yet and they only know through sources like the Purse Forum :nuts:
  8. 2 of my SA's didn't know and the product distribution manager! But by now they know just to humour me as I'm usually right. I've been asked how I find things out before they know I just say I have friends in X (pick a country) and they seem to get the new release information a little faster than the UK, which is the truth
  9. My store knows to humor me now. We had long "arguments" about the miroir lockits I told them if they weren't out when I told them they were due I would bring in champaign for the whole store. at least they keep the crazy talk down until after I leave the store.
  10. most of the SA's i've asked are clueless about upcoming releases but some of them have already heard about TPF so now they know where i get my info ;)
  11. ^
    I Also spoke to my SA today, but she said there wasen't a waitlist yet as the release wasen't in the computer system. Still, she agreed to give me a reservation on all of them so I'd better being among the top of the list. She didn't mention anyone else asking for them.

    Bah, last year I only received one that was returned and scuffed. I hope I can get all colours this year!
  12. My SAs always ask me where I get my "information" from regarding any new product releases. I just tell that my "friend" from back East or in Europe got the information from his/her store. They're starting to humor me now and just make note of what I want and start the wait list for me.
  13. OMG congrats..I can't wait to see it. LOVE the Coeurs and the Miroir sounds STUNNING!
  14. Can anyone point me to a picture of this bag??? It sounds interesting.
  15. are they available in gold too? or just silver? I got my purple vernis heart waitlist at Saks, 2 for me and 1 for my sister. They knew about it and they said for sure they'll put my name down, they'll call me as soon as they have it in store. Now I'm gonna call my SA in LV store about the miroir heart then. Thanks for the info.