Knowing right away.

  1. Without giving too much info, don't you all wish that as soon as the BD was finished you knew if you were pregnant and did not have to wait until a missed AF to know or for implantation bleeding? I wish it worked like that. I know I know, keep dreaming. :girlsigh:
  2. It would save us all from alot of mental anguish...
  3. I hear ya!!! I wish they could invent a blood test or other test for the day after BD to see what has happened and what the progress is, LOL!!
  4. i feel the exact same way..the waiting time is killer!! i have one more week until AF is supposed to arrive and i'm so anxious...ugh.

    i remember when i was on the pill every time AF was due, i would think, "it's here again already??" now i can't wait for AF time to see if i'm pregnant or not, it's crazy!!
  5. With my first child I had one part of my gum above only one tooth tha bled the last half of my pregnancy and for the six months after. One week after I ovulated and was trying for my second child that one spot in my mouth started bleeding again. I said to DH, "I'll bet I'm pregnant," and I was! Isn't that funny! So my third tooth from the end on the upper right of my mouth knows when I'm pregnant.
  6. That's too funny....
  7. Oh that would be perfect!