Know what Ligator is? Check out this Retta Wolf one!

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  1. Picked up this hand bag and was unsure of what type of exotic skin it was. Did some research on Retta Wolff and found out about the Ligator process.

    Retta J.Wolff uses only the finest Ostrich, King Python, Ligator and Italian Leathers. Distinctive Style. Handmade Elegance.

    Made by artisans in small tanneries in the Tuscany region of Italy. Owning a Retta J. Wolff handbag is more than a fashion statement…it’s an investment in a timeless classic you’ll own for a lifetime. Meticulous handcrafted process and these artisans produce goods of such exceptional quality that each piece can be truly considered a work of art. Sold exclusively in specialty stores.

    The "Ligator" process of genuine crocodile skin involves taking the natural fibers of the crocodile or alligators second layer of skin and subjection it to heat ..... the skin is varnished to a high gloss and then attached to a high quality leather.

    Her handbags are truly works of art. Here's a smaller pouch type in an ormac cognac color Ligator

  2. Scorpio, I just purchased a Retta Wolff for $20. You are the only one on the forum that had info. I would love to see your bag.
  3. Where on earth did you find a Reatta Wolff for $20? I want to go there!!!!
  4. Buffalo Exchange, I couldn't believe it! I didn't know what I was buying but I love the color and the weight. When I looked inside the zipper compartment I saw a hologram sticker, so I decided to do research. At this time, my handbag is selling on a website for a little over $600. (OMG! :woot:)
    It clean and looks as if it had never been used.
  5. Raven, can not tell you enough how much I love that bag. I think I love this find better than the now famous Hermes. Enjoy it!
  6. Thanks Mag! I can't begin to tell you how much I love thrifting. It relaxes and excites me at the same time. After a hard day at work, I drop in and just look around. This forum has given me an outlet for stress and some great bloggin' pals, I fondly call my PFF's.;)
  7. I recently came across a Retta Wolff ligator bag and have no idea how to clean it. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
    Thanks in advance.
  8. Do you have a picture of it ?
  9. I actually called the designer. She said to use a bit of Pledge on a dry cloth. I haven't done that yet. It was very nice chatting with her. :biggrin: