Know what goes great with milk???

  1. ???

    Besides him, of course...:graucho:

  2. This!

    :yahoo:Yay! I had to have it!:yahoo:

    32cm HAC Black Box w/ Toile GH

    Thanks for letting me share!:heart:
  3. AL, that is such a GORGEOUS HAC!! Congratulations!!!
  4. AL, congrats! Wow, I think this is the 2nd Birkin you've scored so far?
  5. beautiful


  6. she is GORGEOUS!!!!!!!!
    congrats al!!!!
  7. AL - I knew you wouldn't be able to pass it up!!

    Congratulations :drinkup:(<----- that's milk BTW)
  8. how lovely... congrats
  9. :wtf::drool: gag . it is gorgeous i just love it ! seriously loooove it . well done
  10. And you were SOOOOO right! Thanks!
  11. Well, it had been awhile since my last Birkin/HAC purchases so I decided to make up for lost time in the last month! I am telling you, it's the bedrest - totally not my fault!!! :graucho:
  12. Thoroughly desvered on that icky bed rest!!
  13. That is gorgeous! Congrats and hope you feel better.
  14. Congratulations!~ Stunning! I've gotta have some milk too. Does drinking milk in the gallons deliver such a stunning bag?
  15. Oh thank you so much! No need to worry, just precautionary bed rest that's been modified so I get to venture out into the real world once or twice a week...woohoo!