Know thy snakes...with pictures - Used in BVs

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  1. #1 Jan 17, 2009
    Last edited: Sep 24, 2013
    Yes, I am a dork. And in the spirit of dorkhood celebration, I bring, to you, this lovely informative thread...Know thy Snakes....with pictures. :wtf:

    1. Karung snakeskin is from Acrochordus javanicus. This snake is known as the Java file, or elephant trunk snake and inhabits shallow tropical freshwater lagoons and streams in SE Asia. It is non-venomous and eats fish and eels. An adult Java file can reach 7-8 feet in length. It has really loose skin and a flattened tail for swimming. Pretty!

    Elaphe is harvested from either the Elaphe radiata, or Elaphe carinata. Both are non-venomous, land dwelling constrictors. Will eat just about anything.

    The Elaphe radiata is found in Bangladesh, Burma, Cambodia, China, India, Indonesia, Laos, Malaysia/Singapore, Nepal, Thailand, Vietnam, as well as southern Australia. It is known as the radiated ratsnake or the copperhead ratsnake and can grow 5-6 feet long.

    The Elaphe carinata lives mainly in N. Vietnam, China, and Taiwan. Known as the King ratsnake for it habit of eating other snakes. A large snake that can grow 6-7 feet in length. Found in open forests, bamboo thickets, as well as near houses, both day and night. These also have some sort of stink gland and smell really bad.

    Tiger snake is another skin used, but less frequently. It is a highly venomous snake, with an unerring strike, is found in southern areas of Australia and is responsible for ½ of the snake bite deaths in that country. They are called tiger snakes because of their tiger-like stripes or banding and grow to 4-5 feet long. Tiger snakes are territorial and are found in swampy rural and suburban settings. Of the tiger snakes used for leather, is the eastern, or Notechis scutatus. Don't piss it off, lol!

    Burmese python, once very commonly seen, is declining in use. It is becoming hunted in too great a quantity and is getting scarce. The burmese python is Python molurus bivittatus. Native to rain forest areas of SE Asia, it is one of the largest snakes in the world, with the record so far being 27 feet long. It is found as often in the trees as in water. It is an excellent swimmer and nocturnal. A powerful constrictor, these snakes can grow 7 feet in one year and see humans as a food source. A breeding population is becoming established in S. Florida due to escape or release of pet pythons.

    2012 Update. This species is no longer scarce, and has bounced back. Also, I read that there are an estimated 100,000 burmese python in southern Florida, and they have become a threat to the native rodent populations, not to mention small dogs and cats.

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  2. I think noon just fainted.:faint:

    Very educational, jburgh, thanks!!
  3. Thanks jburgh for the snake info with photos matching names to skins. I don't know about anybody else, but I prefer my snakes in the form of handbags, wallets, and shoes. That Burmese python would look great under my arm with one or two straps and a zipper, not to mention there would be enough of him left over to further accessorize with a wallet and shoes.
  4. Thanks jburgh for this educative post,:coolpics: it's good to know your bag (although the only BV exotic I have is a snakeskin purse key ring, but that's adorable). I also have snakeskin shoes from Tod's. And a vintage snakeskin bag from e-bay in immaculate condition. I am a bit afraid of snakeskin though- I 'm afraid it starts peeling or becomes too dry. I actually like snakes in their original form too. They are beauties of nature:yes:
  5. thanks for these beautiful pictures. But I have to scroll thru quickly for two reasons:
    1. just like VictoriaC : prefer seeing snakes in products.
    2. I just cannot get over with my first experience of looking at snake pictures that my brother showed me from a text book when I was little, perhaps first grade? I had a nightmare that night ! I constantly tell myself be brave and love snakes for the reason that in Chinese zodiac, snake is a lucky match to ox [well, a cow here] !
  6. This is so interesting, jburgh, thanks so much for posting! I've always wonderes about the Karung snake and never got to any results when I googled it, so thank you!
  7. Pretty cool, Thanks jburgh...but i must tell you...snakes give me the hibby jibby's creepy crawlees...eeee :smile:
  8. That was one of the best posts ever! I'll post pics of my new woven Karung accordion bag.
  9. I admit I had the shivers while looking at those snakes! Even so, their skins are so beautiful and it was fun to look at them and see the differences. Thanks, jburgh!
  10. :wtf: I kept telling myself dont open that thread, but I couldnt resist :faint:
    If only I could block the images so I could read what jburgh had to say.
  11. excellent post!
  12. :supacool::roflmfao::roflmfao:PETA wouldn't like your little lesson. I'm sure they love snakes. So do I. On my bags and shoes! LMAO!

    Thanks so much for pics and info. I have forwarded to my bagista buds.
  13. noon - Did you have any smelling salts on hand? Hehe. I have the picture of the Karung as my computer wallpaper now. That is one absolutely gorgeous snake. I was not one of those people who had pet snakes, though. I much prefer them dead on my handbag or shoes.

    BV also uses Cobra. When I find the species information, I'll post that one too.

    PETA - well, I just won't get into that...
  14. oooh, this is a cool post, thanks for the fantastic info jburgh! another research nut like me.....if I want to know something about something, well, I must know EVERY SINGLE MORSEL of brain is clogged with so much trivia, mostly useful factoids...oi!
  15. very informative! i am a snake leather lover and I am always amazed that something so frightening live could be so adored on shoes and bags! i love the scales on snakeskin and the intrecciato sort of have that "scaley" feeling