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  1. I've been looking for a wallet similar to the LV Zippy Organizer but can't seem to find one. I want to be able to put everything (check book, bills, credit cards etc.) in it so I won't mind if it's big. I normally carry a large purse anyway. Any ideas? Or should I just get the LV?

  2. I think you should just go for the Louis, I love the damier and it's going to last for a good long time, so it's an investment ! :smile:
  3. the LV website shows the Zippy in Epi leather - I am going up to my local LV store this weekend to check it out.

    I too think it is fabulous and you can't go wrong with Louis...

    check out the to see the zippy in Epi.
  4. I've seen the Epi before and I think I will actually end up with that. I like the Ferragamo on the NM site too but I really want something with a zipper. I wonder if the Chloe wallets are all accordion type? I'm on the list for that at Nordstrom.
  5. LOL - I am on the paddy wallet list at Net-A-Porter; but, to be honest, I might cancel it after I go to LV this wknd. If I buy the Epi I don't need to buy a paddy wallet too.

    What color Epi were you eyeing? I am eyeing the black. I would like to get the Epi Segur PM this year, so, I am forward thinking with my accessories. :P
  6. Epi!!! good idea =) I love my Epi wallet. I've had it for about 2 years.. and after harsh usage.. it is still pretty red =)
  7. I am eyeing the black also. That's the only color they had when I was there. I'm also going to LV this weekend while I'm in San Diego (slightly lower sales tax than the Bay Area and friendlier SAs). I need to put an end to my very long search for THE wallet. Heck, it took me longer to find this than the Paddy!
  8. Well good luck to you this weekend - let us know how your quest ends. Oh, and at least you have options for buying; I have to deal with the "I hate my job, but like petting the Louis" SA's that exist in Denver...we have no other options in Colorado.
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