Know it's all about the Coeur, but Do

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  1. You really USE your groom? I only use mine a little bit because I'm afraid to ruin it, but would like to use it more...

    Are you all using yours and feel good about it???:confused1:
  2. groom which? i use my zippy groom wallet and cles every single day. i am not gentle with them and they are just fine. and we are still as in love as the day we met. lol
  3. I only got the rond, as charm...but haven't used it
  4. Cool! I only have the groom, but at the beginning when first released people were freaking about having their pieces flaking and scratching, and I only kept mine as a collector's item, but now I want it in my bag every day. I'm glad to hear you use them every day. I'm gonna start using mine when I want to, cause ya know.....

    life is shot:p
    tanks for da reply.
  5. I mean, I only have the ronde... :confused1: oops.
  6. and you also meant life is short, not shot! :roflmfao:
    bc your life is far from shot, my dear......:yahoo:
  7. heehee... tanks mick.
  8. i only use my cles occasionally. I am kind of afraid of it chipping or something. When i do take it out i usually put it in its dustbag then in my bag, but sometimes i just tuck it in my pocket. I do baby it coz i dont want it to chip, coz i cant really ever get another one again.
    it IS really usefull though, just like everyone has said, the cles seems to be one of the most functional items. I even convinced my bf to get a damier one (with the idea that i would use it more than him:graucho: ) but he is addicted to it and uses it pretty much every day!