Know it is auth. but which colour is this?

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  1. i think it is blueberry
  2. Teal?
  3. Is it navy from fall 05?
  4. Maybe 05 Navy?
  5. Looks like Cornflower
  6. *Not* blueberry, and not 05 teal either (leather looks completely different). Could be 05 navy, but texture is again different. Given the texture of the leather, I would say 06 cornflower.

  7. yep, I agree
  8. I think it's cornflower
  9. She says that it is bought from CultStatus (Australia) in september 2005. Does that help?
  10. If that's true, it would be fall 05 navy, which is quite similar to cornflower.
  11. Probably Navy... I'm not 100% certain though.
  12. I think it's cornflower. It looks like '06 leather.
  13. There are more photos of it at the bottom of the page. I don't know if you already saw that...

    Thanks for helping... Can't figure out whether to buy it or not.... HARD decision :smile:
  14. looks like cornflower to me too :yes:
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