Know anything about Hype bags?

  1. Found and bought one at TjMaxx - very cute bag. Anyone else like em?
  2. There are some really cute ones at the Marshalls by me. From what I have seen they have varying quality but I have definately been tempted to pick a few of them up! Congrats!
  3. DSW usually has a large selection of hype bags. Cute styles.
  4. I've seen some cute ones.
  5. i have one and my mom has a few... we bought them from a boutique
  6. I have 3 :smile:

    They are quite durable - and for the price - I can't complain! I can usually get them for less than $100 before tax!

    Really cute/interesting styles! I usually find them at off-retail stores - Winners for us (the equivalent of Marshalls, TJ Maxx, etc)
  7. I don't own one, but my friends have some. I think they're really cute and nice quality for the price!