Know anybody with a Croc Birkin?

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  1. Hi all! Do you have any friends or acquaintances who own and use a crocodile Birkin? How did she acquire hers?

    I wish I did...then at least I can drool over hers until I get mine one day in the distant future.

    *dreamy sigh* :love:
  2. I have......a friend of mine. She get it by waiting up to 4 years to get her croc birkin. She ordered in 2001 and she received hers last year. Hers is a matt lme green croc birkin with gold hardware size 35cm. I'm so envious of her..............
  3. My mother's friend, a lot of them have croc birkins and in several colors. They all got it in Europe or Russia, in the Hermes stores. These women have so many birkins, about 10 each woman they are like VIP customers. They get phone calls from the Hermes stores in Paris, Canne, and in Italy, or in Russia and they fly over and pic up the bags.
  4. Today.....I saw 5 women with croc birkins!!!! Yes......5 women and they are all walking together with their proud croc birkins. I think they are friends.......that's why they walk together. Wow...the moment I saw these women with their croc birkins each in size 35cm......I just keep drooling. Wish I had taken their pics but oops......better not or else.....they'll scold me. 2 are carrying black crocs, 1 in pale rose, 1 in blue croc, 1 in rouge and 1 in MY MOST FAVOURITE.......Fuschia croc. That's my dream birkin!!!! I'm sulking......when will I ever get one???
  5. ^^ That's incredible. I'd be visibly drooling over the rouge croc. Wow!
  6. OMG!!! :wacko: :wacko: Must be an incredible sight!!! I'd probably stalk them to get a closer look on the beige rose croc Birkin!!!

    IFFAH, where did you see these 5 women w croc Birkins? :nuts:
  7. If I was in a funky mood and had a camera I would have asked them if I could take a picture....they probably would have been flattered. Actually, once they heard you wanted the picture for the handbags that would have been too funny. I would have just asked them to hold their Birkins and I would have snapped the purses all in a row.
  8. Same here! It could become one of those iconic photos of an era!
  9. At Club 21. Gosh..the images still keeps running in my brains. :nuts:
  10. Agree wid ya'. ;)
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