Know any good SA at SAKS?

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  1. Please share contact info of your favorite SA at Saks.
  2. Damien Oto at Saks in Balla Cynwyd, Pennsylvania.:smile:
  3. Melissa Friedman at Saks in Boca Raton.
  4. Joseph at Saks NYC 5th Ave.
    Damian too, like Smoothopter said
  5. ditto all of the above (i shop with Melissa and have dealt with Damian and Joseph)

    also, Debbie Weiss at Saks Boca Raton
  6. Hey how come everyone knows Damien!! LOL and none of you are local to Bala! :smile:
  7. Diane @ Saks in Michigan.
  8. Handbags-DONNA and Damian at Saks in BALA,PA...Shoes at Saks -I use Fern and Walter at Saks in Bala too....
  9. Yup. Jessica in Ralph Lauren Dept at Saks Fifth Avenue, NY.
  10. Marsha at Saks Beverly Hills. She is the nicest person ever . . . and the easiest sales person to work with . . .
  11. Damien is terrific. I just saw him last week.
  12. Thanks so much for all the responses! Is there a # to reach Damien? Ordering from CA (we have saks here) can I still avoid paying tax?
  13. Joseph @ Saks NYC & Damian @ Saks in Bala Cynwd -- both are SUPER and went out of their way to track down exactly what I was looking for (when everywhere else I called said they were sold-out & impossible to find).
  14. i think joseph is my guy at saks nyc too. he's got longish blond hair right? there's a fabulous woman there too. i have to find her card. both remember me everytime i go in and have so gone that extra mile for me. LOVE them!

    i should say i got a bag from them and after i got home i saw that the inside was all scratched- even though it was brand new. i returned it and joseph and i checked all the others they had and they were the same. a few weeks later he called me to tell me they had a new shipment and he had checked to find me a perfect one! my mom didn't want it anymore (and she was paying. lol) so i didn't get it but i stopped in personally to thank him for doing that. he's amazing!
  15. Damian, Damian, Damian!