Knot Really My Kind of Bag....Or Is It?

  1. Wow! Beautiful!!!!!

  2. Yes!! lol-- when you posted yours, I wanted to spill the beans then. But mine was still stuck in Italy and I just wanted to make sure it was going to make it to me before I celebrated!
  3. Sbelle, you are my hero! What a collection! I have a nero ayers stretch knot, and a memory knot in fire. Love them but I dream of a croc knot! Maybe some day....

  4. this is my first time seeing these (that's the trouble with work; it takes time away from tpf) and oh my! amazing! well worth the "whole lot of mess".
  5. sbelle, you really outdid yourself.:party: Well done! You chose two beauties!
  6. SO pretty! I am totally jealous!
  7. beautiful knots. i love all three. i can see why you had to have them all- there is really no way to choose one over the other. enjoy them all and congratulations.
  8. sbelle - they are absolutely TDF and unique in their own way!
    We talk about the slippery BV slope but it is something else to be on the slippery BV Knot slope.

    PS: Give my regards to Mr. Financial Planner Man :lol:
  9. sbelle... divine.. the knots are simply the best ...enjoy!!
  10. OMG! I leave the country and you go shopping, lol! Absolutely fabulous colors! Apey has the best advice!. The Steel is an awesome neutral and the Plum is the perfect pop of color.
    Promise not to tell Ricky and if Mr. Financial Planner guy gives you a hard time, I'll just stick a pin in him!
  11. I am so far behind and sbelle you have been holding out on me....Your KNots are TDF!!!!! I just love love love them....So excited for you...going back to look at the pictures again..:hugs:
  12. FYI-I knew you would be a Knot Girl...
  13. oh sbelle you little devil
    I won't tell ricky
    no wonder you can't get that other bag LOL
    the planner man is going to get you
    they are all beautiful
  14. OMG sbelle, your knots are divine and your story about the quest is so much fun. I just love your color selection. I tried a nero stretch croc yesterday at the BH boutique. Loved the size. My knot lust is growing thanks to you, india, and jburgh.