Knot Really My Kind of Bag....Or Is It?

  1. Congrats, Sbelle! That knot will be first of's a beauty!!! Enjoy!
  2. Yea, for you sbelle!!!!!!!!!!!! You will love your knot...carry it with everything..I just carried mine the other night to a baseball game ...had on my jeans and ball cap...I love my knots..they are so much fun....
  3. I saw this today in the boutique at Tyson's Galleria - said to my friend that I don't have the lifestyle for it...sound familiar?

    It's really something - love it!
  4. Oh, this is a terrific Knot! I really like the studs on it, and the fact that it's leather. It's a great addition to your collection, and I can imagine that you will get a lot of use from it. Enjoy!

    Thanks for the photos, too. Now I'm seriously tempted!
  5. That knot is gorgeous. I bought a card case just for my knot that I can put my license, credit card and some cash. It also fits my iphone and lipstick. That is all I really need.
  6. I love Apeys suggestion, take it to the hairdressers! You will love carrying your Knot, they feel great in your hand!
  7. What a fabulous bag-I haven't taken the plunge yet, but this is tempting!!
  8. I keep saying too that I don't have a knot lifestyle but yet they keep calling to me. Of all the ones out there that's my favorite. Enjoy it.
  9. Sbelle, I love your knot. Enjoy carrying her. The metal studs add such a contemporary edge to the classic BV understatement. I don't have a knot but I've been eying some of the early fall and fall/winter 2012 "knotilicious" goodies.
  10. the knots are all terrific... enjoy yours!!
  11. what a cool looking clutch!
  12. That is such a cool clutch!!!! I would rock it with jeans. Heck yes I would! Now, I want them to do a bag like that in a hobo.
  13. i believe they did.
  14. Congratulations, that Knot totally rocks :rochard:
  15. Anyone remember what it was called?