Knot for the faint-hearted [emoji6]

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  1. I had seen this knot in store over a year ago and was completely taken with it. It had been on my mind since then and after my SA recently told me that the knot might be discontinued, I just had to get it.

    Presenting, the argento crystals knot.

    My photos simply do not do it justice so I've had to include stock photo (which also does not do it justice IMHO).

    20190313_231313.jpg 20190307_194035.jpg 20190313_231638.jpg Screenshot_20190308-132155_Chrome.jpg
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  2. Also picked up a pouch in Brighton just cos I had to have something in this colour. 20190313_192533.jpg
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  3. Incredible knot!! Your pictures make me want it too !
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  4. :faint:
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  5. That’s incredible!
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  6. this is freaking amazing!! just beyond any words!! :woot:
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  7. Wow wow wow!!! Beautiful!!!
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  8. Love love love your two purchases ! Congrats on getting them and enjoy them.
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  9. Incredible knot bag
    It is gorgeous
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  10. The Knot looks like a jewel. So beautiful! I love Brighton too. Enjoy your new-ins. They are both awesome.
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  11. It's a beauty. I hope you use it even with a sundress for a summer dinner out. It's too spectacular to be left to just super formal events : )
  12. That is a spectacular piece! Wow!!
    Love the pouch too - Brighton is gorgeous!

    E x
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  13. Thank you all for sharing my excitement and your lovely compliments.

    I had mulled over it for several days, trying to justify getting it especially since I do not exactly have a "knot lifestyle". But this was just too special to let go.

    Am already thinking of using it tonight for dinner even though it is just the start of autumn

    And yes, @grietje, I shall endeavour to use it even with a sundress for a dinner out when I return home (it is summer all year round where I am based ).
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  14. Your knot is such a beautiful piece of art. I like the simple elegance of it - it looks like a diamond bag!
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  15. I agree wholeheartedly. Just this morning, I came back to see it. It looks like a museum artpiece. Absolutely stunning.
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