Knot Clutch on Sale

  1. I was at Neiman's Tyson's Galleria Friday. This knot clutch was on sale for approx $950.
  2. Great sales price
  3. Oh I wish I had the money!
  4. Wow, what a great deal. I hope a pfer gets it.
  5. Such a gorgeous bag!
  6. Wow!!! What a great deal on that clutch!
  7. Great price. I was able to track one down a few weeks ago thanks to Litigatrix. It wasn't the low of a price but still a good deal.
  8. Yeah, I'm happy to have gotten mine when I did--surprised that even one made it to this markdown!
  9. wow that is great!! I LOVE that clutch!!!!
  10. I think this one used to be in the display case at the counter. That's why it is so marked down so much. I took a look at it, it doesn't look worn or anything. Still looks excellent.

    I'm saving for either the carmino Montaigne or a noce Campana, that's why I didn't get it.
  11. I love that clutch. Beautiful.
  12. Oh gosh, I wish their soft croc Knot clutches would go on sale. They are TDF.
  13. Tried to go pick this up today - apparently, they sent it off last night. ;)
  14. I actually purchased two thanks to Litigatrix as well :rolleyes: I purchased one during the second markdown and one again during the final markdown. I will be returning one tomorrow. PM me if you'd like me to put it on hold for you:tup: It will be $990 + tax & shipping. :heart:
  15. Thanks to Mystiletto and kronik doing some coordinated returns and purchasing, this beauty arrived today!

    Thank you!!!!
    IMG_1300.JPG IMG_1306.JPG