Knot Clutch Is On It's Way To Me, Hooray!

  1. I was not planning on another BV purchase because I am still waiting for my Ombre Carmino Tote, but I stumbled across a knot clutch on sale that I have been coveting. How could I knot? It will arrive in a day or two but until then here are a few pictures of the clutch that has me so excited:yahoo:.



    bv clutch 2.jpg bv clutch 3.jpg athina and my bv.jpg
  2. OMG! THAT is so AWESOME! What a tdf gorgeous clutch! Congratulations! I hope you got a fantastic deal!
  3. Wow-how wonderful, congratulations! What an incredible clutch! Where were you able to find it on sale?

    Also, may I ask who is in the picture?
  4. Samantha, I just PM'd you...
  5. Samantha - love this and I love your bag and shoe collection!
  6. wow. it's such a stunning piece. Would love to see you in some action picture. I bet this little babe goes with everything.
  7. Marly, thank you. It was on net-a-porter. $1980, on sale for $1188. The picture was posted in BVs and celebs, and it is Athina Roussel(Onassis).
  8. Ah. Did not recognizer her! That is a fantastic buy on the clutch. I so covet those. Someday...
  9. simply beautiful... my type of clutch... enjoy knoting.
  10. :nuts:

    That is just gorgeous! And the price! Congrats! :yahoo:
  11. Wow, it`s such a stunning piece! The color varioations make it look fantastic!
  12. It's a unique variation on the usual box clutch. congratulations!
  13. Congrats! Those are great colors. It'll go with everything.
  14. Samantha, what a beauty! So neutral too, bet it would go with lots. Each of the knots are so unique I just can't decide which one I like. I want them all! :lol:
  15. :woohoo: Congrats Samantha!! Looking forward to seeing your pics!