Knockoffs vs Fakes

  1. So I was wondering how others here felt about purchasing knockoffs, as opposed to fakes. I'm against fakes myself, due to their dubious origins (ie made by children etc) and the fact that they claim to be something they're not. But how do you feel about bags made by reputable companies that look very similar to designer bags? I've seen quite a few that most people would not be able to tell from the real thing.

    I'm only asking because there are quite a few designer styles that I really love, but I could never afford to spend $1,000+ on.

    I've read a some threads on here about members who are "grossed out" by these replicas, or feel that it somehow dilutes their ownership of the real thing. This makes me think that to them, their bag is sort of a status symbol, and they wouldn't want anyone to think that they would be carrying fakes. Almost like it makes them feel superior knowing that they could afford more than others (not trying to be insulting, please don't take it that way!) But for me, buying a bag is about a design I like and a style I'll enjoy using. I do realize that some of these are not of the same quality, but others are in fact made very well.

    Sorry for the long post, please let me know your thoughts!
  2. I actually own a bag that is Michael Kors 'inspired'. Had I known it was 'inspired' I would not have purchased it. Personally, I don't buy bags to shout, "I'm rich, *****!" because I really am not. I buy them because I like treating myself to things that I perceive are the best of its kind. I do this only with things that I know I will be using on a regular basis and thus, will be seeing a lot of.

    The thing that bothers me with 'inspired' bags is that I still see them as replicas. The only thing that differentiates the two types are that one is potentially illegal while the other is not because it does not bare any name or logo indicating copyright infringement and what not. At the end of the day, they pretty much knocked off the entire bag, usually down to the last detail. The bag is trying to be something that it is not. If I am ignorant to this, I'll co-exist with it blissfully. However, if I found out (like I did), I'd carry it less because I'd feel like a wannabe.
  3. I have a Saks Fifth Avenue Black Leather Kelly bag that looks dangerously like an Hermes Kelly. (No logos or stamps - only a SFA name plate.) I would never advocate counterfeits, but I DO love this bag! It is exquisite and I love carrying it!
  4. I don't have a problem with knockoffs. I think that the designers copy/knockoff each other all the time. Gucci knocks off Hermes - the bouvier is very similar to the trim bag and there is a new "birkin" inspired Gucci. Dior has a boston bag (Gucci also has a boston bag) that is shaped like the LV speedy. Marc Jacobs knockoffs his own designs with the LV line. The fakes are problem due to copying the logo (illegal copyright) and the really bad quality.
  5. I dont like fakes or knockoffs... when the paddington came out aswell as the Stam bag it drove me mad constantly seeing the same high-street equivalents everywhere so it made me despise them. I saw a balenciaga knock-off in a charity shop and thought about buying it but because it had SO many of the features an authentic one had I'd feel like an idiot using it even if I'm the only person I know who knows that much about fashion (compared to my friends etc).
  6. The main problem is that if you buy any bag that is not from a high-end designer house it is likely inspired by or even a copy of one of the high-end bags. That is simply the way fashion works. It happens in clothing and shoes and bags and jewelry. If a person has the means to buy designer clothing, Cartier jewelry, CL shoes and high-end bag then they should do so if it makes them happy. But most people cannot. Most people are not even aware that the shoes they bought at Target or the dress they bought from H&M or the bag they bought from JC Penny is inspired in the first place!

    If the bag is an exact replica without the designer name and that makes you uncomfortable then do not buy it. But it is unlikely you will be able to find a bag that isn't inspired to some extent, so how much it bothers you is ultimately up to you.
  7. I'm bothered by knockoffs of distinctive styles. I was at the local university the other day for less than half an hour, and saw at least ten knock-offs of the Anna Corinna City Tote. It dilutes the value of an unusual purse when everyone else has the same style.

    I notice Roots has a similar style for $288, pictured below, and think that's really low. They're a rich enough company they can hire designers to create original styles, rather than rip off a designer who sells her bag for not that much more money. There are a lot of starving artists out there who need jobs.

  8. Starving artists might not be starving if they didn't charge $$$$$ for their bags! But seriously I am against both fakes and knockoffs. If anything I hate knockoffs more as they just look like you bought a bad attempt at a fake (no labels etc!). This is another reason that I stick to the lesser known brands such as Furla, HH and now Cole Haan, although I've seen all three ripped off to some extent already.
  9. I doubt that most people who buy knock-offs realize that they're buying a knock-off. I bought a cute pleather tote at Target and only later when I read the reviews on did I discover that it was a brazen knock-off of a $250 Betsey Johnson bag. I never would have guessed it otherwise. I hunted down the original and by golly, it was the same bag except for the pleather. Target had even replicated Betsey's unique canvas print for part of the bag. Shocking. It wasn't an "inspired" bag, it was a plain old knock-off. I bought the real bag because it's so much nicer (real leather, silky lining, that posh purse sound when it swings on your arm) and now I carry the $18 Target pleather knock-off only when it rains. Target has lost my business and Betsey Johnson has gained it. But I doubt that many other purchasers of the Target bag ever realize that Target has ripped off a designer's intellectual property.
  10. I agree with some of the other posters here that a lot of people aren't aware that what they're buying is a knockoff. Although to an extent, you have to wonder if a designer can hold a monopoly on a particular style. The standard shapes of purses, hobo, bucket, bowler, etc, are pretty well used by several different companies, and just because someone uses the same shape doesn't mean that they're "knocking off" a designer (although replicating patterns, hardware placement, and logos are pushing it).

    This is kind of my thinking on the AC CT. The design is pretty standard with the exception of the handles. Can you fault other designers for following this trend? Of course someone has to come up with the original concept, but if there were no variations and strict "no copying" rules in the fashion world, we wouldn't have nearly as many purses to choose from!
  11. I just want to point out that some people consider knockoffs,fakes, and replicas to be the same thing. Anything else is legally inspired.

    There is just not going to be legal protection for bag shape, there are not an infinite amount of possible designs out there. I'm not saying that I agree with it. Often with inspired items (especially those in mall kiosks) you are paying for the look of the bag over the quality. It can be considered tacky in some instances, but it's not illegal until the name is stolen and there is the potential for fraud (to the individual).

  12. Totally agree.:yes:

  13. ITA! I expect everyone that is TOTALLY against inspired bags to due extensive research on every bag they have purchased against EVERY possible designer to see who came out with their style of bag first. I am against counterfeit bags and will never support it but if I find a cute inspired bag in a style & color I like, I'll buy it!
  14. hmmm i am opposed to both, but i must say that i hate knock offs more than fakes.

    fakers can be legally sued, but knock offs is "legal" in the eye of law which is much more worst
  15. Wow, thanks for all of the replies guys, it's great to hear a lot of different viewpoints.

    seahorse: Could you explain why you hate knockoffs? "Because they're legal" doesn't really make sense to me.

    Jan: You used the word "wannabe" to describe people with fake bags. What are these people wanting to be like? People who spend lots of money on purses?

    Temo: Do people ever ask you if your bag is a Hermes? What do you say?

    Kiss P: I agree. I also think that some replicas are good quality, unlike fakes which can fall apart in a week.

    Heath: Thanks for your reply! I'm just using the terms fake and knockoff here to differentiate between illegal and legal replicas. Are there better words for them?

    bigpursesue: I like your idea about using a replica for bad weather!

    HauteMama: Very level-headed reply, thanks!